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PCD Pharma Distributors – Have you been looking for PCD Pharma Distributors? If yes then the list of top pharma distributors is listed below. You can go through the information mentioned below and then choose the best one for yourself. The demand for pharma medicines is increasing for a very long time and that is why the demand for pharma PCD companies is also increasing.

Pharma is a widely expanding business. Its reach has been expanding all over the world. With the growing health problems, it becomes difficult to depend on old health solutions. Therefore, the pharma sector has been opting for new methods how to keep up with everyone’s health and provide everyone with top health solutions. In this article, you will learn all about PCD Pharma Distributors.

List of top PCD Pharma Distributors

If you plan on investing in the pharma sector then you are making a very secure decision for your career. You all are well aware of the outspread of the deadly virus Covid-19. Covid-19 turned out to be deadly for everyone. Therefore, during this time the pharma companies or pharma medicines were highly in demand. Furthermore, a lot of companies started investing in this field. To collaborate with the top pharma companies you can give a read to the pharma companies below:

  1. Eraas International –

Eraas International is a well known and very well established pharma firm. The pharma firm has many established pharma franchise companies in India. Moreover, the products of Eraas International are very much in demand. With the help of a hardworking and talented team, the company is manufacturing a very wide range of pharma medicines which is mainly tablets, capsules, combo-kit, protein powders, syrups, injectables, and many more. In addition, we follow all the instructions by ISO, WHO, and GMP. Eraas International was established in the year 2014 and ever since it has been serving the best and for the best of mankind. Mentioned below are the contact details of Eraas International.


Name – Eraas International

Address – I-103, Lower Ground Floor, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi - 1100115

Ph No. – +91 9818129750, 011 45644901

Email Id – eraasinternational@gmail.com

  1. Fortune Labs –

Fortune Labs is second on this list. The company is also widely known for giving top pharma franchise business to the pharma enthusiasts. Fortune Labs is a well known pharma firm and has been serving top quality pharma medicines. If you are looking for PCD Pharma companies then you can connect with Fortune Labs today. Also, the company has some additional benefits lined up for pharma enthusiasts planning to invest in our firm. The company started in the year 2015 and has been rocketing its growth ever since. If you are looking for someone with genuine advice and tips to excel in the field of pharma then Fortune Labs is the right choice for the same.

  1. Dexon Biotech Private Ltd. –

Dexon Biotech Pvt. Ltd. Is a very professional pharma company and works for mankind by manufacturing the best pharma medicines for all its clients. The company manufactures more than 150 products. Also, the company is an ISO certified firm. Ever since its establishment, it has made its sole aim to give the best health to mankind. Here at Dexon Biotech, a wide range of pharma products is manufactured such as pediatric range, derma range, Ayurvedic range, general products, antibiotics, and many more. So, you can connect with Dexon Biotech for some top pharma franchise deals.

  1. Bioshine Healthcare -

Bioshine Healthcare is one of the most flourishing pharma firms in India and abroad. It has been the top franchise pharmaceutical organization. The pharma firm is engaged in manufacturing pharma products such as tablets, capsules, syrup, soft gel, pediatrics, eyedrops, Ayurvedic gels, herbal medicines, powders, sachets, and many more. In addition, the company is also widely known for its quality assurance. The company has 4 product wise franchise deals that are Gynae PCD Franchise, Derma franchise company, Ortho franchise company, and General product franchise company. The company’s widely spread franchise firms are gynae PCD franchise and Derma PCD franchise company.

  1. Park Pharmaceuticals - 

Park Pharmaceuticals is a company providing top quality pharma drugs to everyone. It is also India’s biggest research based pharma company. The company also gives pharma franchise business to many people. If you have been searching for such a company then Park Pharmaceuticals is the right company to connect with. Here at Park Pharmaceuticals safety, hygiene and quality are highly prioritized.


We hope you have now got the top pharma companies you have been looking for. We hope this article was of use and you can now pick the best one for yourself to invest your money. Among the PCD Pharma distributors mentioned above Eraas International is the best one. To know more about Eraas International in detail you can click here.


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