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Pharma Distributors In Nashik

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Pharma Distributors In Nashik - Looking for the best Pharma distributors in Nashik? Then this blog covers all the information that you are looking for starting a pharma distribution business in Maharashtra’s Nashik. Eraas International is one of the leading pharma distributor companies in India having the best quality and ISO-certified pharma range.

Eraas International is inviting all the wholesalers and retailers to join hands with us to start a profitable pharma distributor business in Nashik. Give us a call at +91 98181 29750, 011-45644901, or send us a mail at eraasinternational@gmail.com.

Scope and Profit Margins in Pharma Distributors In Nashik

The profit margins in the pharma wholesalers and distributorship business are quite attractive. The profit margins can be between 8 to 12% for branded pharma products. Also, a pharma company like Eraas International offers the best profit margins and it is generally ¼ or 1/3 . So, the profit margin can rise up to 20-30 percent. 

Now, let’s take a look into the scope of investing in a pharma distributor business- 

  1. Over-the-counter (OTC) medicine distributorship
  2. Prescription drugs distribution 
  3. PCD Pharma franchise
  4. Pharmacy (offline or online)
  5. Dietary supplements distribution
  6. Pharma marketing company
  7. API/ bulk drugs distribution

Why is PCD Pharma Distributor Business the best?

In the PCD Pharma franchise distributor business, there are majorly two categories - 

  • Single Party Distributors - In this, the distributors purchase pharma products directly from the pharma manufacturer and sell these products further. Either the client/customer. However, the scale of business is quite small and the targeted area covers a small area for promotion & distribution, like a district. This means the capital involved is quite low and similarly, the sale is also low. But the margin for each product is quite high compared to other businesses. Lastly, the requirement for a drug licence may or may not be compulsory.
  • Multi Party Distributors - In this, the distributors firstly purchase the pharma products from a pharma franchise company, also a manufacturing company. Then he/she appoints smaller level distributors as second party distributors. Basically, multi-party distributors facilitate the promotion and selling of pharma products. There is a mandatory requirement for a drug licence and covers a much larger area such as a zone, or a state. Lastly, as it covers quite a large area but per product margin is low. 

Mandatory Licences required for Pharma Distributors in Nashik?

Starting with the list of mandatory licences and documents for the PCD pharma distributor business. 

  • Wholesale Drug Licence - To acquire a Wholesale drug licence, you will need a shop or place with a minimum of 10^2 m. A registered pharmacist or experienced person having at least 1 year of experience. 
  • Goods & Service Tax Identification Registration (GSTIn) - A mandatory document required for all the businesses having an annual turnover of more than 40 lakh. 
  • Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) - FSSAI registration is important for distributing food and dietary supplements.
    You need to register your shop with the local authorities like the panchayat or municipality committee. However, it may or may not be mandatory as per the local/state rules & regulations. 
  • Shop & Establishment Act Registration - You need to register your shop with the local authorities like the panchayat or municipality committee. However, it may or may not be mandatory as per the local/state rules & regulations.

How much investment is needed for the pharma distributors' business?

Now, we will cover the overall estimated investment required for starting a distributorship business.

  • Fixed Assets - This will cover documentation and licence cost, which is approx. 25k to 30k. The furniture cost is likely to be around 20k. Also, the refrigerator cost, approx. 5k-10k.
  • Liquid Assets - Area rent varied from area to area and pharma product orders.

So, it is quite clear how much money would cost to start a pharma company. This can be nearly 3 to 5 lakhs and for a small area, 1-2 lakh will be sufficient. 

One of the Top Pharma Distributors In Nashik - Eraas International

Eraas International is the leading pharmaceutical company that mainly deals in the PCD Pharma franchise and pharma distributor business. The company is offering exclusive monopoly rights and full assistance for all the distributors/ franchise holders. Also, the entire pharma products of Eraas are ISO-GMP-WHO-certified and DCGI-approved. So, if you are looking for a minimal investment pharma business with a great return on investment, reach out to Eraas today!

Contact Details

Company Name – Eraas International

Contact Number - +91 98181 29750, 011-45644901

Email Address – eraasinternational@gmail.com

Registered Address – I-103, Lower Ground Floor, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi, India

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question - Which company is the best for investing in a pharma distributor business in Nashik?

Answer - Eraas is the best pharma company to invest in a pharma distributor in Nashik.

Question - How much investment is needed to start a pharma distributorship business?

Answer - Approximately 50k initial investment is sufficient for starting a pharma distributorship business. 

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